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Adapt to change

Aviation Manpower Planning
Our Story

Airline crew planning and technology experts join forces to create manpower planning tools using new technologies for airlines.

Our Vision

To empower airlines around the world with accessible powerful tools, made possible from years of airline experience and leveraging new disruptive state of the art technologies for solving hard problems.

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Quantum Annealing technology is our capability of choice to power our solvers. It allows for "continuous optimization" and ability to scale with our customers' growth on their quest to greater profitability.

Who are we

Adapting to Change

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The Pandemic has created precedents for businesses and employees alike. In the Aviation Industry, planning schedules and crew to meet demand has changed dramatically. VYouPoint Aero recognizes this conundrum and is creating solvers to maximize the time needed to create schedules whilst reducing the time needed to generate crew work patterns and crew rosters.

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How it works

Airlines Have Spoken!

Airlines attending Agifors 2021 have asked vendors and academia for new solutions to solve manpower planning challenges from a more global, combined problems approach. An overhaul of airline planning systems is overdue; A colossal challenge!

To rise up to this challenge, our approach is to select new technologies joining them with resource planning workflows focused on long term integrated growth that can scale from the ground up.

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Long Term View

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Our road map is paving the way toward a long term goal to offer a day of operation solver using a global perspective including crew recovery to the workflow. To achieve this goal, VYouPoint Aero is leveraging new powerful solvers for taking advantage of the time gains to support a new workflow.

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Solving Hard Combinational Problems

"Classical Computers are reaching physical computational limits"


Meet The Co-Founders


Mario Guzzi

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 Tech entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast. Former co-founder of Airware Solutions Inc. creator of crew pairing and preferential roster systems for airlines, acquired in 2002 by Navtech Inc., now an Airbus company.

He is now combining his airline and classical computing experience with new quantum computing technology to create quantum annealing formulations for solving crew pairing and roster generation that power the company's applications.


Paul Donachy

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Paul Donachy an airline management professional and subject matter expert with over 40 years in aviation. Roles include, senior manager at Qantas Airways, Australia, Operations Network Manager at Jet Connect, New Zealand. Other key roles include project team-member for start-up airlines in Singapore, Cyprus and the Middle East.


Working with Mario he has created a path for providing technologies to low cost and small airlines and developing other markets for the company.

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